I always look forward to the first seed planting of the year.
This year I'm starting a traditional physic garden which adds some work.
Some of the seeds for those plants need a cold stratification before they will germinate so anything that needs cold gets flatted up now and put in the cold frame. I do that with some of the native plants too. Just a few more flats this year.

All the onions go in under lights now to get strong starts for early spring.

And I'm a sucker for trying artichokes every year, even though they don't really like to grow here. They get planted now to get some size on them before spring. Have to watch the weather pretty closely in the spring with those as they need 3 weeks of 35-40° in order to set the buds, but don't let them freeze solid or they turn into a little puddle of mush.

Kicking myself I never got the morel boxes built last fall. I suppose I could still put them in if the snow melts. The gray rodents around here love mushrooms so if I want to grow those they have to be well caged.