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Thread: Thinking about a Black Powder Rifle

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    Default Thinking about a Black Powder Rifle

    A black powder firearm has crossed my mine many times but now I have a need or one. My hunting lease is still void of wild hogs after more than 2 months. Decided to check out a nearby Florida Wildlife Management Area .
    While we didn't actually see a hog we did see some fresh major rutting so that is evidence the hogs are in there.
    What amazes me is the WMA is only 2 miles from my leased property.

    Several problems with this WMA, first baiting is not allowed and we can't hunt at night and we cannot use center fire rifles (no AR-15). We can hunt with pistols, shotguns, bows and black powder firearms. Hence, my interest in black powder. So where do I start. This would be a great project in my machine shop. Are these rifles available in kits? I have seen them a number of times at the gun range. Not interested in an antique looking rifle. Would like to find something with a removable breach for better cleaning and unloading if available.

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    You can pick up used inlines dirt cheap that shoot the 209 primers.


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