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    Hello everyone, my name is Mike Taylor, I live in Indianapolis IN. I am very interested in getting started foraging this winter. Looking for and willing to take any and all advice on getting started correctly. I am interested in knowing if there is someone out there on the site who is in the state of Indiana that would be willing to take me out with them or if there is someone offering classes or instructions. Thanks for taking the time to read my intro. Mike.

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    Welcome home. Winter foraging is a bit sparse in the midwest, the old standby's of Rose Hips, Burdock and Pine Needles not withstanding.

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    Hello and welcome.
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    Hello and Welcome from WV. There are very few things to be foraged in the wild in mid winter, cold weather.
    There are some things that you can and should forage one is Sassafras. It is supposedly better to dig the roots in the winter, as all the saps is down in the roots, thus making it much stronger tasting.
    I am not sure about what you really need to know, but digging the roots is simple, identify the tree, and dig down to the roots, dig a few, not all as you want the tree to survive for further harvesting.
    You should cut a few off, replace the dirt around the tree and pat down.
    Then wash the roots until the outer bark is removed, which you can rub between your fingers to help remove it. Then allow it to dry, a bit. Slice up into small slivers to get the full effect of the sap from the roots.
    Pour some boiling water over some of the slivers, allow to steep, or simmer for about 10 minutes.
    Pour from kettle, into a cup, and add sweetener if you choose.
    Be sure to not drink this often as it is known to be a health risk, if you drink too much. So don't drink it too often.
    I like to sweeten mine with raw honey, to keep it more healthy for me.
    If you need other information about it, you can either look into the Fox Fire Books as they are where I started when I first started learning about Foraging.
    Good Luck and Merry Christmas.


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