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Thread: A Final Gift

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    Default A Final Gift

    I had a poignant surprise tonight. Very recently I moved from Idaho to Montana to take a new job. I finally got the last of my stuff moved into my new place and tonight took a few minutes to go through a few things when I found an unopened Priority Mail flat rate box from Hunter63. We had each other's names in last years Xmas Xchange. My gift to him was a pretty nicely decked out water bottle carrier bushwhacking/survival kit. After receiving it he felt his gift to me was a bit "light"; I told him I was very happy with it but he insisted on sending out another small package. It arrived during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and somehow it got it set aside. Well, I was digging through a box looking for a tool I needed and lo and hehold, there was the package! FYI it was a bunch of those really cool little compressed towel tablets that expand when you hit 'em with a few drops of water. Very neat!

    So one more time, thank you, Hunter63. It's hard to imagine him being gone but he will not be forgotten!

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    A pleasant surprise. That was H63 telling you Merry Christmas one more time.
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    What a great surprise. That was pretty neat.

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    Aw what a nice surprise. I sure miss him.
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    A pleasant surprise.

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    what will be any idea


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