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Thread: IHunt game caller by Ruger

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    Default IHunt game caller by Ruger

    Since Florida Wildlife Management Areas do not allow bait while hunting but allows electronic game calls for hogs and crows, I bought this electronic game caller, IHunt sold by Ruger. I hoped to draw in wild hogs with the caller. It works off of an APP in my Iphone via a Bluetooth signal. I downloaded a FREE set of game calls into my phone. Most amazing is the distance I can be from the speaker to send game calls. Going strong even at 100 yards and it has plenty of volume controlled by the volume setting on my cell phone. Never did call in a wild hog because I don't think the hogs were out there but the different calls sound pretty convincing to me. I was able to call in several "Barred Owls" one night as sun down. Wildlife does seem to respond to the calls, maybe just curious, who knows.

    Had the most fun taunting my wife with it. With the speaker in the back of the car I played "Baby Raccoon" with her in the car and told her I had a pet raccoon. Some buddies and myself in the RV resort had fun placing the speaker under a camping trailer and played some "Bear calls". Occupants of the trailer knew it was us playing around, still funny. Fun at the RV resort clubhouse to. I sold the caller to a friend at the resort.
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    Uh oh. You're going to be in Walmart and butt dial that thing and your wife will have no way to shut it off. When you get home there's going to be 48 hogs in your yard. Your wife is not going to be happy. I can see it now. Do NOT call the F.A.R.T. team for help. We draw the line at irate wives. We've handled enough of those on our own.


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