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Thread: Ice Storms

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    Default Ice Storms

    How is everyone holding out during this round of winter storms?

    Here we have had 1/4" of ice on the trees and wires, snow through the day.

    Power has been out off and on all day.

    Two Coleman lanterns will heat the living room better than my normal heaters! Power was out for two hours and the temp went up to 76!
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    I love a good ice storm. It's the only time folks don't expect me to be on call. Any other time, 24/7.
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    I'm in S. Illinois and we had 5 inches of snow. Indy was under an ice warning but lucked out. So far so good.

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    40 miles to the north they got snow. For us, it just poured rain and got windy.
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    We got 5.5 inches of rain overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Having our first real cool down of the year (loving it). Sat by the fire pit last night. Still wearing shorts and flip flops, but cool enough to enjoy the fire.
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    10" snow overnight. Raining now. Luckily temp is just above freezing so not sticking to the trees, which still have a lot of leaves on them. Would be a real mess if temp drops a couple degrees. Roads only half plowed.
    Working from home today. Fire going, coffee brewing, only contemplating going out to clear the driveway. Might wait til noon when it's all supposed to stop.

    One good thing about this much snow this early, covers up all the leaves I didn't get raked.
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    Good to hear that you're warmer, kyrat.

    Nothing here in North Central Arkansas. South of us they had ice on I-40, and I guess it caused a lot of problems. I don't think there was that much, but it only takes a couple of dumb-axxes to cause a problem.

    "They" say that this is gonna be a harsher winter, but they've said that before, and it was nothing. I'd like some snow. I'd really like to sit on the porch, look at the white landscape, watch the snow float down, and listen to the silence.
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