due to some factors beyond my control I wound up playing musical vehicles among family members in the last few months and the result was that I lost my SUV daily driver which was a Ford Escape.

A couple of weeks ago I also discovered, horror of horrors!, that my old 1997 Jeep Cherokee had blown its head gasket.

Now we are talking a $1200-$1500 repair on a vehicle that books at $1500 value???

So my trailer puller, garbage dump run, hunting, fishing, pull the neighbors out of the mud vehicle is sick and ailing and my old Sentra might or might not make it to town and back a couple more times, so it is time to reassess the situation.

Today I went to town and bought a Jeep Liberty. V6, 4wd, auto with towing package.

I was reading the long term reviews in a couple of the yuppie vehicle publications last night. They say don't buy it! It rides rough, drives like a truck, seating position is way too high, the seats are hard, too much engine rumble, you have to use a lever to get into 4wd, and no one in their right mind actually needs 5,000 pound towing capacity!

Yep that's the one I need!

We will see if I get the same service from this one that I have had from the other Jeep products I have owned.