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    Hey there,

    I'm new to the forum and seeking some advice and opinions from active Wilderness Survival folks. Recently we launched Gear Easy an outdoor activity marketplace. Originally, we intended it to be a place for casual part-time outdoor guides to offer their services. However, recently we have had some inquiries about offering wilderness courses as well. In fact, we have a few people already posting some courses on their own. We are basically an "Uber" for outdoor activities. Anyone can post an activity on our marketplace and charge for their outdoor skills and services.

    We are really excited about our mission as a company. However, it seems like certification criteria for wilderness survival are all over the map with various training available. While we are avid outdoors people, I'm really looking for some feedback from people with more background and experience. Is offering Wilderness Survival skills an opportunity?

    Any advice would be helpful. Also, general feedback on the our business concept at ************************** is also welcome.


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    Can I sell SPAM at your marketplace? Thought not.
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    So a guy like Richard Beasley could sign up and take your customers "for a walk in the woods?"
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    I love it when people get all certification conscious over things that have no official certification requirements, no standards of performance, no testing criteria available, nor a group established to issue any official paperwork that means anything to anyone.

    No one is certified to give certification!

    I declare myself president of the Hunker Down And Pray For Daylight Survival School. Since it is November, and raining a lot, all training will be done as an online course. I will link you to the proper Youtube videos done by 10 year olds with their new phone and post the proper multiple choice test questions the next day. BTW the answer is C.

    Or you can just send in your $99.95 and I will send you the certificate without all the fuss and bother.
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    Thanks for the reply...I think?

    As for the Beasley comment, Even doing background checks doesn't catch everything, but that is the nature of a "marketplace" Even ebay, craigslist and airbnb deal with the same issues.

    so I guess there isn't any standard certification, that's helpful and backs up most of the research I did. Let me know if you have any other thoughts, how about market for this type of training/education, would this be something that you see growing in the future. Thanks again.

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    Your link has been removed as it violates forum rules. If you want feedback from members of this forum you will have to continue to get it here.

    My advice - I think your business model is a terrible idea and will open you up to all kinds or legal exposure regardless of how well any contractual protections you write into your relationships with your so called instructors.
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    If you want feedback, just put the mic a little closer to the speaker.
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    I would definitely recommend you to look for the best staff and have them scheduled accordingly as it's not easy to manage a workforce out there! We had a great deal of issues when it came to managing our employees back in the day. I wish I had software like ************* 10 years ago that could allow me to implement an automated schedule on a daily basis without having to keep track with myself all the time. People think that it's easy to manage an agricultural business, but you do have a lot of workers of come late at work and when it comes to picking up the crop it can be really stressful to not have full commitment.
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