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    Default Gun parts cleaning tank

    At first I kept a jar of kerosene on my work bench for soaking AR-15 rifle bolts. The bolts would soak in the kerosene while I cleaned the rest of the rifle. When doing a thorough cleaning of the bolts I could see the kerosene was doing a pretty good job of cleaning just by soaking in kerosene. I would dry the bolts with compressed air then oil them lightly.

    Over time I began thinking it would be nice to soak the entire bolt instead of 1/2 at a time so I conjured up this solvent tank from PVC drain pipe. While soaking in the kerosene I use a brush to work the residue loose. I'll use a pipe cleaners to clean the gas tubes. Dry with compressed air. After cleaning I would drain the tank into a glass jar and save it for next time. I noticed after a few days the dirt would settle to the bottom of the glass jar while the upper portion cleared up. This cleaning technique is no substitute for a thorough dismantle and clean. The gun bore always requires special attention when cleaning.

    I used the hardware store variety of kerosene in 1 gallon jugs that cost around $10/gallon, little or know odor to it. The gallon jug lasts a long time since the used kerosene gets recycled. Remember to always
    label containers containing fluids.

    Took the 1911 to the gun range a few weeks ago and fired off 2 magazines. It didn't really need a thorough cleaning so I soaked the assembled pistol to clean the barrel and slide. Dry with compressed air and oil. The barrel still needs a couple of cleaning patches run through it.

    Thought this might be of interest:
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    Cool idea.
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    Good idea for small parts.

    When I was working for the local shops back during the SKS flood of the early 1990s I had a 55 gallon barrel split in half and filled with diesel, the top hinged like a BBQ. We would dump a disassembled SKS in, leave it for a day and still have to wipe the goo out of it.

    I often use spray cans of brake and carb cleaner on AR parts before letting them soak.

    The AK I just slosh around in a puddle and let air dry once a year, steal some oil for it off the dipstick of the jeep and I am good for another year.
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