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Thread: Natural Painkillers ? how to Survive in the Wild

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    Wild lettuce is a natural remedy sourced from the Lactuca virosa plant. Extracts of the plant’s sap, seeds, and leaves are typically used in wild lettuce products. Touted as a natural treatment for a wide range of health problems, wild lettuce is said to lower stress and relieves pain.

    When used in alternative medicine, wild lettuce is said to be an herbal remedy for the following health conditions:

    Joint Pains
    Menstrual Pain
    Wild lettuce also is used to stimulate circulation. And, when applied directly to the skin, oil extracted from the seeds of wild lettuce is thought to offer sanitizing benefits.

    Wild Lettuce has been used by many people in place of addictive prescription pain medicine. It is also called opium lettuce. The reason it’s referred to as opium lettuce, is due to the pain relieving and sedative effects that it has been known to produce through a white substance found in the stem and leaves. This milky substance is called lactucarium. And, while it doesn’t contain any opiates, it has similar side effects when used – it acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain, just like opium and morphine.

    Back in the 19th century, wild lettuce was already being used by some as a substitute to opium. But, it was in the 70’s that it started to gain significant popularity by those wanting a more natural remedy. Individuals were starting to use it for both pain relief, as well as recreational purpose. In the earlier days, people using wild lettuce prepared it a couple different ways. One way was to cook the plant in a pan of water and sugar mix, until it reduced to a thick syrup-like consistency. While this was an effective form, it was quite bitter even with the sugar added. The most common form however, was drying the stem and leaves to use as an herbal tea. How To Make A Simple Wild Lettuce Extract Collect about 50 leaves, wash them thoroughly, grind them up in a blender, but not very thinly, only for just a few seconds. Place the ground leaves into a wide pot and add just enough water to cover them. Place the pot on the stove at low heat for 30 minutes. Do not let it boil, because you’ll destroy all the good stuff in it. Stir every 15 minutes until the water gets a dark-brown color. Pour the substance while still hot into another pot through a strainer. Almost none or very little plant material should get through it. Try to squeeze as much water as you can while the plant is in the strainer. This solution contains all the core elements of Wild Lettuce, especially the pain killing essence. But it’s not concentrated enough. In order to obtain this essence we you should warm it over low heat again until the water is vaporized, basically dehydrating the solution until it becomes a paste like this. Be careful at the end when there is little water left, you should not burn the extract at bottom of the pot.

    What you should have now here is pure Wild Lettuce Extract. Pour it in a small glass container and put it in your medicinal cabinet for when you’ll need it.

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    I've never heard it called "Wild Lettuce" before, but it would have been a cool name! Dude, ima score some Wild Lettuce for the party later, .. later.

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