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    I picked up a copy of Quest for the Lost City by Dana and Ginger Lamb. It's a adventure about a couple that travel down the west coast of Mexico. It's a interesting read about their travels and such. They go light weight, carry colt woodsmans with custom king peep sights that Mr. King made for them. They talk about water and food procurement. People they meet along the way. I found most interesting that the banditos they met carried 38 supers for the most part.

    The Lambs also wrote a book called Enchanted Vagabonds. It's about their travels in a canoe. It all takes place in the late thirties and forties.
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    I've read the first one. That was a "can't put it down" book. Fortunately we were at the cabin and I could sit on the porch and obsess all I wanted. I searched for more like it. Found a couple that were in that genre. But I can't remember the titles right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randyt View Post
    . I found most interesting that the banditos they met carried 38 supers for the most part.
    That book must be quite old.

    The laws of Mexico and several other South American countries once prevented anyone from owning pistols in a "military" caliber. Since .38 super was not on anyones' "in use list" it was very popular south of the border.

    It has been mostly replaced by the .380 in today's world since the .38 super requires a substantial sized pistol to control the pressure levels.
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    Thank you for sharing, I was just looking for what to read.

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    there are many good books to read


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