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Thread: The Amazing "Lee Precision"

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    Default The Amazing "Lee Precision"

    In the process of getting my air powered reloading press perfected I have managed to clobber a couple of Decapper rods. Plus, I never lubed the decapper rods so they were worn. Of course I can make my own replacements but decided to purchase some spare decapper rods since they only cost $2 to $3.50 ea. So I ordered 2 for 223,
    3 for 45acp, 1 for 300 AAC. I checked my cart and noticed I double ordered the decapper rods. So I deleted the duplicate items only to have them return to the shopping cart. Finally dawned on me the duplicates were for FREE.
    Even though I only ordered 1 rod for the 300 AAC I got another one for FREE.

    I also ordered some shell holders since the ones I made were not working out that well in the air press. There were not free but cheaper than anywhere else. $10 to ship

    I just love FREE stuff!!!!
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