For 30 years all of my pistol calibers have been loaded on a Lee turret press.

Each caliber has its own disk plate with the dies untouched for decades.

Each disk plate has a Lee autodisk powder measure that has been set for the standard charge in that caliber. A hole bored through a disk will not change its capacity and I never second guess or recheck charges after they have been established. The only thing I have to do is insure that I do not "double crank" the lever when charging.

Sometime around 1987 I bored a hole in one of the disks because the selection of charges was in between what I needed for my favored charge of Unique for my .38 special reloads. That was the exact charge I needed to make the reloads hit where a fixed sight S&W model 10 was looking. Apparently that hole has not changed and the guns have not changed, because both my old prewar M&P and my recently purchased police trade in both hit to the same spot with those reloads.

When I do weight charges for rifle cartridges I use a Pacific balance scale I have owned since 1970. It never varies and uses no batteries. It is accurate enough to weigh the period at the end of a sentence. Really, it will, I have weighed a dot made by a pencil on a slip of paper to demonstrate its sensitivity many times.

I weigh every precision rifle charge, and my precision pistol loads for hunting, but not bulk pistol reloads.

You are going through way too much trouble building precision pistol ammo for a gun that is not capable of shooting better then 6 inches at 50 yards, and burning it up so fast you have to wait for the barrel to cool down between strings!