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    Once again, hello everyone! I've been here quite recently, so I want to share my story a little from life. Well, let's go ...) I'll never forget it, a year ago during the hunt of a brown bear of Admiralty Island it was very cold and my arms hardly deal off. After that, my friend advised me a place where I can't only make a right choice but was I can have good recommendations for the purchasing hunting gloves. Future season I hope my hands would stay with me)))
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    huh? What?

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    I believe he said he got cold in Alaska.

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    Well, I did too. Got it.

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    We seem to be getting more spam than real posts lately.
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    Nah. I removed the link. That looked pretty spammy to me. That site is out of Rumania sooooo. Sorry, Meniku, but five posts and your already posting links to Russian sites. I don't think so.

    Just curious, do you live there or have relatives in Alaska? What month were you hunting for it to be that cold? Did you have a guide with you to advise you on clothing needs?


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