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Thread: Net Making Demonstration

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    Default Net Making Demonstration

    Once again (for over 40 years) I will be demonstrating net making, giving free lessons and displaying my Pa Dutch fishing nets at the

    2018 Goschenhoppen Folk Festival

    I will be there on Saturday August 11 only. My apprentice of many years will be there on Friday the 10th
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    Happily tangled in my nets at

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    I hope you have a great event.
    A man full of grits is a man full of peace.

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    nobody here's got brains enough to make or use netting. "It's against the law". So what? as long as you just count your take and release them alive, what does it matter? I dont agree that gillnets are the way to go, unless the mesh is very small. They only catch one size of fish (other than by pure luck) and they kill the fish, meaning you have to check them way too often. Much better to have baited net-weirs and a seine, for use in pushing the fish towards your weirs. Then you only have to service the weirs once a day. Indeed, you could let them go considerably longer, if you got sick or hurt, etc. and you'd probably still score pretty well.

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    Good heavens. This guy is just a complete moron. He didn't even have brains enough to last around here. It takes a LOT to get banned here but he did it.

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    Well, think of what a miserable life you have if that's how you interact with people.

    And he picked the most unlikely target with asemery. Someone who only teaches about his skills for our benefit.
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    I don't know where on the list of troll behaviors the "I am smart and everyone else is dumb" falls but it a troll giveaway.
    so the definition of a criminal is someone who breaks the law and you want me to believe that somehow more laws make less criminals?

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    everyone else isn't dumb, but the percentage IS extremely high on "survival" forums. wonder why?

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    Tick tick tick....



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