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Thread: This Week in 1936

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    Default This Week in 1936

    Just a bit of trivia:

    The Indianapolis Star
    reported over 200 Indiana deaths as a result of oppressive heat. Temperatures topped 100 for 11 consecutive days. Collegeville reported116 degrees, the highest ever recorded by the Weather Bureau. Rensselaer,Bloomington, Bedford, and Frankfort each reached 110.

    And we think we have it bad with air conditioning. Imagine 100 degrees with no air and homes with no insulation. Even the root cellar would have been pretty warm I would guess. This week in 1936.

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    In 1936 they did not even have a refrigerator for a source of ice in most homes.

    I would not have even been able to sit under the shade tree with my big blue Tuper-ware glass half filled with ice cubes and the other half filled with tea!

    All you could do was sit there and sweat.

    COPD, bad heart conditions and any other age related problem would have been hard to survive, and those 200 didn't . No blood pressure meds or any of the modern treatments we use alongside the air conditioner in 1936.

    Along with that the economy had hit another bad dip about that time. The worlds greatest depression with a small recession embedded right at the end of it. Many people could not afford to go to the doctor or pay for meds if they had been available.
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