I have a 1917 enfield made by winchester. The ears have been milled off and it has a fajen stock or some such. Of all the old rifles the 1917 stock shoulders up for me better than the others. So I decided to replace the stock on the winchester with a "cheap" old cut down stock. Something I could pick up on ebay. I have three 1917 stocks but they hare unaltered so I thought. I picked a junker up and it cost way more than I thought it should and it wasn't even in good shape.Something didn't seem right about it so I compared it to the three stocks I have. yea there is a chunk out of that junker. In the process I noticed one of the enfield stocks that I have was used a bit for checkering practice. I could have simply used that one for my project. That is what I will end up doing, the checkering is shallow. I may even splurge and heli-arc a plug in the oval hole in the winchester receiver.

I cannot get over what a old beater sporterized stock is bringing.