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Know this is a old post, but in any situation "blend in" is rule #1. In the woods wear colors you find there, desert the same, Urban or suburban even more so. While a pack, "man" purse, knapsack or what not is becoming more common to have something large enough to carry any supplies would stand out. I've started wearing 5.11 brand clothing. Not at all "tactical" or stand out looking. you can carry a lot of smaller items. Depending on the weather you can get a Scoville (sp?) vest or jacket. Somewhat like a Photographers vest except the pockets/ pouches are inside and hidden.
Sorry, that I have been gone from the forum here forever but even longer ago (not a real phrase but it applies here), at Ron Fontaine's (grrhh don't get me started) Survival Topics forum, there were many many discussions of blending in. At that time, there were not that many options for women to hide items on their body but since more than a decade has passed, Duluth Trading (online and real stores) has just an excellent many many pocketed "gardening vest" that I purchased and boy, you could hide a bazooka in it. Anyhow, given we have now lived on 50 wooded acres, I want to get a darker colored one as the super light color would just stand out winter or summer.

But I agree with your 5.11 clothing description also. I have several pairs of pants like new 1 in black, and 1 in tannish, that will fit nicely once I finish losing this weight I gained back over December. They blend in both in the city, country and suburpia.