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Thread: Needing some Canadian help....

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    Default Needing some Canadian help....

    I'm looking at a land parcel in the Timmons area. Anything you guys and gals can offer for info is greatly appreciated. My biggest concern will be living there full time. Any chance the local governments will allow exceptions?

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    The biggest concern with purchasing any parcel of land in a remote area (or even some not so remote) is ACCESS. If you have to cross other properties to get to the parcel, and no deeded access is granted, you could quite possibly be gated/fenced off your own property by the neighbors, with no way to get there except by air drop.

    As for local governments and exceptions, find that out beforehand too. If you already know what you want to be doing isn't going to work, find out what does work and go from there (being vague so as not to imply endorsement of any illegal activity.)
    As a for instance, I'm not allowed to have a shed on my property, but if it is built on skids and can be moved, that doesn't qualify as a shed. At least until they change the by-laws.
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    What is the size of the area you are interested in?


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