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Thread: "Oh, and it makes me wonder"

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    Default "Oh, and it makes me wonder"

    Sometimes I do something sort of on impulse and it gets me to wondering if I have all my beans in the bag.

    I bought an air rifle and have discovered it has more accuracy potential than the little 3-9 scope I put on it could bring out so I started looking for a volunteer scope with more power.

    It just happens that I had a real nice 6-24x50 sitting on top of a 30-06 I had set up for shooting over bean fields, and since I have not seen a bean field for about 6 years I decided I could drop back to a 3-12 for that rifle and free up the big scope for the air gun.

    It looks sort of strange sitting on top of that air rifle but buddy you can count the ants crawling on the target at 25 yards with that 24x glass and lets me put ten pellets into what looks like a Mammoth Cave sized hole that really is only real tiny when you look at the actual paper and not what it looks like magnified 24x.

    Anyhow, while contemplating on the 30-06 swap I grabbed my back up rifle in that caliber to check it and realized I had robbed it of its glass at some point, so now I have two heavy kicking rifles to zero instead of just one.

    While fussing at myself over that I realized I had never gotten one of my .308 rifles zeroed for the last batch of ammo I bought specifically for that rifle. If course I bought that back during the cold weather and just forgot about it.

    Hopefully I can catch a day when it is not too awful hot and get down to the range and take care of that.

    It's really pitiful when you are retired and the only job you have to do is keep all the rifles zeroed and you can't even do that properly!
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    I share the frustration. I got a bunch of shop work a couple of weeks ago so I have worked the past 10 consecutive days with time off to catch a cat nap now and then. An old retired guy shouldn't have to do that. On the up side I haven't decided what I'm going to spend the money on.

    I have been thinking about mounting my thermo imaging scope to my pellet rifle so I can post videos of my black bird shootings on the internet. When this shop work is finally done, I'll get my life back.

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    I think retired should be able to live to 200 or 300 at least. We have so much on the list to get done we are never going to get all finish with this short life span we have been given. It just seems so unfair.


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