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    for as much as i"ve done bushcrafting i"ve never done punkwood.
    so for those who have done so here,
    could you tell me the best way to to get it going.
    and it's time once again to make some charcloth.
    that i do know how to make.
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    First thing is that you need good punk wood. You want real soft punk and not brittle termite infested rotten crap wood.

    Raw punk will catch a spark if you have a strong steel. The advantage of using it is that it is not as delicate as char cloth and it is available in the woods as a natural substance.

    Then realize it works best when treated just like you make char cloth. Break it up into lumps the size of a .22 bullet and put it in your char tin and turn it into a soft fine charcoal. It will catch sparks just like char cloth only it will hold the spark for longer and it will not crumble into powder if you try to move or handle it.

    You will also need to throw sparks into the char punk rather than holding it against the flint and striking it like some do char cloth. Send a shower of sparks into a pile of char punk and pick up the piece that catches the spark.

    You can also bury a good sized piece of punk wood under the edge of a campfire and bake it into charcoal for your next fire.

    It is an excellent source if you are looking at more natural methods of fire starting.

    BTW, you can do the same thing with wasp nest paper. Wasp nest paper is more likely to catch a spark without being charred first too.
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    Just maker certain the wasps are gone before you put the nest in your possibles bag.


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