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    Default gun vise

    I've been thinking that I need a gun vise, mostly for cleaning. Thought about making one but there seems to be some reasonably priced commercial units available. Any thoughts on a model?
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    I never used one until I found one abandoned at the range. I gave it a good home and have been using it for several years.

    I do not know if one brand is better than another but I do know that there are some features I need on whatever I use, like a deep space that will accommodate pistol grips and magazine wells and work with traditional shapes as well as modern. Also enough length to keep the rifle secure between front and back rests and a stable base so you can apply some pressure and get work done without tipping it over.

    A little sissy rest will work for just cleaning but if you are doing work on the rifle you need clamps or straps to hold things together. Sometimes you have to show those scope mount screws who is boss!
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