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Thread: I done shot my motor!!!!

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    Default I done shot my motor!!!!

    Remember this:

    Didn't think this would happen but the moving target machine wasn't very level. The forward target was lower than the rear target. This made the forward target (the hogs) inline with the motor. Didn't realize I was pretty much shooting at the motor. Well, now the gearbox has a bullet hole in it so now it leaks oil. Fortunately the frame took most of the hits. The 22LR did minimal damage but the 223 was a different story. What I would like to do is mount a steel plate to the frame to shield the motor from further bullet hits. That little gear motor retails for $288 but fortunately I dug 3 of them out of the trash years ago. I think the gear motor will be ok used as it is as long as there isn't a fatal bullet strike. I'll post pictures later.

    I need to know how thick of a steel plate I need to not penetrate by a 223 round. Would 1/4" thick plate work?

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    Set it on a slope and you can use thinner metal. \/ with the motor behind the V. That has the effect of increasing the thickness of the armoring plating.


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