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Thread: AAC Reloading problems!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim Glass View Post
    Enlighten me, what would a 7.62 x 39 AR be like??? How are those to reload? Does that use it's own magazine or same as the .223? Other recommendations?? How about a 6.8?
    Several years ago I bought an Olympia upper in 7.62x39. I put it on a Colt Sporter II Lower. It required that little bushing on the hinge pin to hold it tight. I love it. I don't reload generally for 7.62x39. I have dies and could if need be but as kyratshooter pointed out, commercial ammo is very much cheaper than I can reload that particular round. I have used every kind of ammo that I can get hold of and it has worked flawlessly.

    I have used 223 mags and they will work to an extent but they are not reliable. I just bought a bunch of the right mags. That rifle is my truck gun when I go to the ranch. I bought one of those hard cases that has the little foam blocks you take out to fit the rifle in and I carry the rifle, 4 - 30 round mags of cheap Russian steel cased ammo, 1 - 10 round mag in the rifle with soft points and a few boxes of the Russian and a box of Winchester soft points.

    If I were attacked by a deer (during deer season of course) and had no means of escape I would not hesitate to use it in self defense. The ballistics are 30-30 ish and would do just fine for deer and hogs and any other varmintry that shows theysef.

    I don't reload for anything I shoot in an AR. I reload 223 because I have bolt action rifles that shoot that round. I mostly shoot the Russian steel case stuff. I know a lot of guys don't and are fanatics about not doing it. I'm not sure why, but I don't just burn up ammo to hear the noise and to put holes in paper. I'll burn a mag of 223 or 7.62x39 about once a month just to keep things loosened up but that's about it.

    If you decide to get a 7.62x39 upper, I doubt you will be disappointed. I'm not. I think it is a very underrated round. Much of the bad press the round has gotten is due to the rifles it is used in and not the round itself.


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    I went to Daytona Tactical where I bought the AR in the first place and ordered another gas tube from them. I can see myself breaking something trying to separate the two. This way each gas block will have its own gas tube. No hurry on this project. This way I can go to the gun range and see if it will jam up again.
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    That gas tube at the point where the pin goes through to hold it in the gas block is probably the weakest part of the AR platform.

    You might get it to fall apart using some brake cleaner or carb cleaner to dissolve the carbon buildup.

    But as you say, it is probably easier to dedicate a new tube to the new gas block.
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