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Thread: Moving target practice.

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    Default Moving target practice.

    The most effective rifle used was a model Marlin M60 22LR. It has a 0 to 12X scope and worked best at 5X. This is fun and fairly easy. Just keep the barrel moving just like shooting ducks with a shot gun. The machine is powered by a
    90VDC gear motor, controller is 120VAC in coming from a small generator I bought on Craigslist. When it starts to feel easy just crank up the speed and start shooting again. I have yet to run it full speed.

    Video of the Marlin M60 and the AR-15 shooting 22 LR. The AR-15 has iron sights. I had to switch to the larger
    peep sight hole in order to score hits. For some reason the rifle with the scope worked the best.

    Towards the end the 1 X 4 X 10' board had the ends shot off.

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    Pretty cool contraption

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    I remember reading in a "Boy's Life" when I was a kid about moving target practice. They were suggesting rolling the old 78 speed records that no one listened to any more across in front of the shooter. Supposedly it simulated a rabbit and it shattered of course when hit....



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