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Thread: Places for Wilderniss (Any Locations for Surival/Camping in Europe)?

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    Default Places for Wilderniss (Any Locations for Surival/Camping in Europe)?


    During the summer, I was thinking of doing some survival camping somewhere in Europe with 3 or 4 of my friends. By survival camping, I mean testing our survival skills by staying in the wild for a week or so and do some adventuring. All we need to find is, a place or an area where we can hunt, set a fire and sleep (But it must be legal). I live in the Netherlands, so there isn't much Wilderness here. We are experienced and we have the skills for the wilderness. Just as a precaution, we will bring food, water, a phone and first aids, just in case something unexpected happens. We would like to stay in a forest like environment. We prefer not to stay in a desert, a jungle or a snowy biome. We do want to hunt animals for food however we would want to make sure there aren't many dangerous animals (e.g. wolves and bears). The main problem is that, we do not know where we could stay that is legal, right place and has the right climate for the survival.

    Here is the question: Where can me and my friends go (in Europe preferably)?

    Any response will be helpful!



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    Survival is something that happens unexpectedly, not a planned activity. You can never duplicate the conditions of survival in the "real world", especially the situations where you throw the laws to the wind and do what is required to stay alive for 5 more minutes! In those cases you hope someone sees your fire, finds your camp or hears your screams for help. Right now you are searching for a place to hide and pretend. It is not the same.

    Europe is still a collection of different States, each with their own laws and various methods of enforcement. You will need to check each location and access the perimeters of their legal structure. I have found no single nation or region that allows all of your criteria to be met. It is probably best to drop your desire to hunt and trap, since every country legislates that activity.

    Not many countries are going to let you hunt or snare game and the majority will not allow open fires. Some countries specifically prohibit camping away from designated campgrounds so they can tax campers by the night.

    Sweden, Finland ad the other Baltic countries have protected the "right" to camp wild, but even those countries will have laws to protect and manage their wildlife.

    I would check out the Scandinavian areas due to their general attitude, check with local camping groups in those areas, and plan the trip during good weather for that area.

    Drop your hunting and food gathering expectations. It will probably be just as well since 99% of those efforts are failures anyway! You might try fishing, within the legal perimeters of course.

    Here in the States we have certain wilderness areas (our Appalachian Trail for example) where campers, backpackers and such are required to have a specific amount of food with them or they can be removed from the area.

    As new wilderness campers, who do not even know where to go for their adventure, I suggest taking adequate food and gear, staying inside the legal guidelines, and consider the trip a "skills practice session" rather than beginning your outdoor life with one foot already in the grave.

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    Come to Malaysia, I'll drop you somewhere very very remote and pick you up a week later.
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    +1 for what kyratshooter said.
    And get a fishing permit.
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