I have a lot of respect for most of the ALONE - Survival Series Contestants, so whatever comments I am about to put here, have no intention of putting any of them down, just questioning some of their practices which would have made their lives easier...

First, I noticed during most of the episodes or seasons, only 1 person made a hammock and decided to sleep of the ground. And that was only after his campsite had water rising to his bedding and he had to move to find a new location.
Secondly, a few of the contestants had a tough time finding a campsite, and one of the main reason was that the ground wasn't level enough, inadequate space for them to sleep on.

A few gave up a good campsite with water source just to find level ground.

Now if the area has lots of dead falls or widow makers, I would understand, but level ground?

If these few had taken some time to construct an off the ground campsite, they would have strive well in that area.

I like two of the contestants in Season 2. Firstly Nicole, a biologist ..she camped near the bears and cleverly chose a campsite where water and food were of the abundance...she knew about plants, camped near a stream and managed to keep herself full by eating plants and salmons.

The other was the Spaniard who built his own canoe.

The laughing stock was the guy who tapped out on the evening of the first day....