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Thread: Looking for my confirmation el-mail

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    Default Looking for my confirmation el-mail

    I tried to register, the computer said I had to follow directions in the e-mail sent to me. How long does it take? l
    Also captcha was down...but when I typed in (literally) the words about captcha being down, it took it. ??? This does not seem normal.
    I'll keep looking for my email. Thank you!

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    Hi, Not an admin on site... however Once you have that and got that email there is a link that you need to click on to active account, if that doesn't work there is a url that you can copy and paste into browser to activate..
    There maybe also an other issue on browser depending on security settings and or cookies
    I am certain an admin will explain better as to what must happen.
    There maybe a period that you must also wait for admin to approve your account, I cant recall, but if there is that process is not Long at all..
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    Looks like you are good to go.
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