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    I made up a concoction that I read about called shrub. It's made from 1 part berries, 1 part honey and 1 part apple cider vinegar. The berries are mashed up and then it is all mixed together in a mason jar with lid. The whole mess is left on the counter top for about a week and given a shake every now and then. After the week is up, it is strained. A couple shots is added to a glass of club soda. It is pretty tasty. It is non-alcoholic. If my memory serves, shrub was a predecessor to soda pop.
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    In the old days they used those vinegar mixes as refreshment. It was a better hydration aid than plain water.

    Sometimes rum was added to the mix.
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    Never made or tried any shrub,,,,but did enjoy a "cherry bounce"....

    Tart cherries are soaked in vodka creating a butt kicking.... cherry-infused liquor, also known as a cherry bounce.
    Folks wound mix a bit with 7-UP at Christmas....was about done about that time....form cherry picking time.

    BTW had added a bit on vinegar to water in real hot weather...and does seem to go directly in to anti-thirst mode.
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