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I'm sure you heard iguanas are freezing here and falling out of the trees. They say just pull them into the sunshine and try not to get bit. Thank God for small blessings - you aren't dodging falling frozen reptiles! Seriously, I hope it warms for you soon, things sounds awful.

Hahha well there IS that blessing!

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One of the things I have noted this year is that the wind has been from every direction on the compass. Most of our cold weather here is relatively still but this winter has been windy.

Right now the wind is whipping the trees around I can tell by feeling the walls of the house which direction the wind is coming from.

Right now it is coming straight out of the northwest from the direction of Alaska.

This is probably Onetimestar's fault!

She's is probably up there in Alaska snickering and laughing at us old geezer wimps!

Nah, I don't snicker at people being cold. I've been cold. It's miserable. I think you got some of our weather. We have been having an amazingly warm winter. It's only gotten to -20 a few times and we have had NO -30 or -40 at all! I'm still burning a ton of pellets a month at about $350. but only about 20 gallons of heating fuel a month ($50).

Try hanging some blankets over your windows and doors. The extra insulation helps, especially if you are having wind.