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Thread: skills to match your trauma kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnLeePettimore View Post
    I didn't mean, DIOY. I guess I meant "amateur gynecology."

    It just goes to show that you never know how people are going to take what you say/type.
    One year I had found a antique Dr.'s black bag at a flea market ....was in good shape.

    So added a flashlight and some rubber gloves to the bag....Then go to Halloween costume parties as an "amateur" gynecologist.

    Never got any takers........kinda gave up on now that bag is a my black powder revolver range and storage bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    Oh Yeah.....See? One of those moments.
    I guess so, huh?

    I shouldn't've tried to steal your thunder after the breaatfeeding comment anyway.

    All in fun.
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    I took up that amateur whatever and developed a bad case of tunnel vision.
    so the definition of a criminal is someone who breaks the law and you want me to believe that somehow more laws make less criminals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crashdive123 View Post
    Again, just curious - what scenario do you envision where the hospitals would be closed?
    Didn't we see that in 2017 at Huston?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Old Owl View Post
    Didn't we see that in 2017 at Huston?

    For a few days and very localized. I just don't see hospitals shutting down for an extended period of time and in a widespread area ---- that's why I asked.
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