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Thread: Survivin!

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    I thought as much.
    What is wrong with people?!

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    Benesse. The majority are good people. But the ones who stand out are the abrasive ones.

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    Reminds me of the time I shot a doe and had to load it in the back of my small hatchback car.

    Was pretty spent from dragging it out and ended up forgetting rope that day so I used my safety harness and a lanyard to get it there.

    Popped the hatch and the rear driver side door and threw the lanyard through and then braced my feet on the door frame and gave her all I was worth.

    Got her in but man what a mess.

    On topic have you ever used an old fassioned block and tackle with a set up cross bar set between two trees?

    Depending where I am I may just back up my truck and set a temporary cross beam with some 550 paracord or ratchet straps with the block and tackle and just raise up the deer and back into it with the truck.

    Little more work but could be lighter on the wallet some.


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