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Thread: Help me choose the firestarter as a present for my dad

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    Loving the old school stuff there wise old Owl.
    certainly will be something a dad would appreciate.
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    Clearly an older thread since the last reply is dated 2017, but I'll put my own two cents in anyways.

    I would make one of two choice.

    1. Amazon and other sites carry the BAYITE brand ferro rods. They truly amazing ferro rods, standing I can throw sparks that stay lit almost until they hit the ground. It's six inches long and a half inch thick with a lanyard hold to attach it to cordage and wear it as a necklace or tie it to your pack.

    2. Look at the B.O.S.S Fire making kit. There is two, a smaller one and a larger one, I got the larger one. Not only does it come with a good ferro rod and striker, it comes with char cloth, magnesium capsules, several golf pencil sized fatwood sticks with pencil sharpener to shave them down, a small box of wooden matches, a mini Bic lighter, jute twine, 2 tea light candles, a bearing for the top of a bow drill spindle, and much more for fire making. It is a great little kit and truly a saviour when you need a fire. This, in my opinion as a survivalist and a father, would make an awesome gift for any holiday. And it's only about $20-$30 dollars and comes with more ways to make fire than just a single ferro rod.

    That's my two cents, hope it helps for future buys.

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    FWIW, I routinely use a LMF to light my canister stoves - for up to two weeks at a time. Great tool. I like that the ferro rod is securely attached to the handle and not out on the sheath. Cuts up the bacon very nicely, as well.

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