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Thread: First wild hog

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    Default First wild hog

    My trail camera was showing hog in the bait at 7:00 PM so I set up at 6:15 PM for an ambush. At 7:00 PM I scanned the jungle and spotted a hog in the brush. I shot several minutes of video waiting for a clear shot at the hog. By this time I couldn't keep my leg from shaking. Finally the hog just left. I had a gut feeling it would return, an hour later 8:00 pm, I scanned the brush and saw 2 hogs headed for my bait pile. When I had a clear shot at the lead hog I fired, the hog flinched and took off running. I'm thinking, "crap did I miss again?" At least I had a video and could replay it to see what happened. Well, I made a good shot if the scope was dialed in. At 67, alone in the jungle I was not going to hunt for the downed hog that might not exist. Next day I take the 9mm for a walk in the jungle and found the hog.
    The shot I made was an angular shot instead of a shot broad side. Looked like a lung shot, the reason the hog ran off.
    The broad side shots I made last winter sent the hogs to the ground, no running off.

    I'll post the video when I figure out how to trim it. Here it is, double click the link, hope it works:

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    Guests can not see images in the messages. Please register in the forum.
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    Looks like the perfect size for some good eats.
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    Congrats....Don't ya love it when a plan comes together?
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    Nice! Looks like you're having a blast with your new hog hobby!


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