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Thread: Now this is overboard!!!

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    Default Now this is overboard!!!

    This is a gun rack for the wild hog blind. When we lean guns against the side of the blind we have had trouble with guns tipping over. Sometimes when a hog wonders into the bait pile we can't find our guns and when we do the guns need to be raised to side of the blind, all the time the hog is wondering what the heck is going on. With this gun rack, the guns will already on the edge of the blind and pointed in the general direction of the bait pile. All we need to do is raise the gun so we can look down the scope and "Bang", hog roast in the near future.

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    The gun rack has swivels and has adjustments for elevation. The rack also has a secondary use. I have a scope that has a WIFI connection. My buddy and I will both be able to see what the scope sees on our Iphones. No need to hold the rifle and scope up to pan the area for wild hogs although I probably still will do some. The plan is to sit in lawn chairs, relaxed and comfortable and look into the night with our iphones. This scope also takes pictures and videos of what the scope sees.

    In case someone is thinking the answer is NO, I'm not going to set the rifle up with a remote control trigger, that would be way overboard.
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    Not really overboard for blind shooting. Especially over bait.
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    Yeah, I'm pretty certain a couple of servos, a couple of low voltage motors, a bit of radio control and a remote camera and you won't even have to leave your house.


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