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Thread: Slingshot or Slingbow What Should i Take on Alone All Stars

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    A sling. Loop on one end of cord. Pocket in middle for stone. Hold other end in same hand.

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    That's what I thought...seems to make more sense as far as found materials goes...Good point.
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    Default The SlingshotBow

    You can easily make one item that is both a slingshot and a slingbow. Here's one I made slingshotbow.jpg with a heat gun, drill and scissors from pvc pipe. Notice the shape where the arrow rests allows the fletching to pass through unimpeded. The handle is 75 ft of cordage overwrapped with electrical tape. This was designed to slide onto the top of my hiking/survival staff(also made from PVC). The 3/16th holes near the top of the forks are for slingshot use. The holes at the curve of the forks are for slingbow use. The pouch flips over and has the paracord on one side for arrow nock, or flip over to leather only side for slingshot ammo(made from an old belt. I also have a heavier duty set of tubes that have a 50lb draw weight if I want to hunt something bigger. Learned a lot from you Zach. You have a great attitude and an impressive survival skill set. Good luck.


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