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Thread: marlin spike knife

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    Default marlin spike knife

    the other day I came across couple Italian marlin spike knives for sale. For some reason I like that style of knife so I ordered in a couple to monkey with. Photobucket is no longer a good option so I'm going to post a link. I have no connections with this company other than I bought these knives from them anyhoo
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    I had one of those years ago. No idea where it ended up.

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    I have a couple similar. I have a German gravity knife with a marlin spike that I like. If I did more rope work I would have more of them.

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    I have a US Navy model (Camilus) and just gave an Italian model to a friend. They are quite handy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crashdive123 View Post
    I have a US Navy model (Camilus) and just gave an Italian model to a friend. They are quite handy.
    Oh yes, my first 3yrs in the coast guard was on a buoy tender. I went through 2 or 3 of those camilus gov stock system knifes. Was constantly breaking the spike unscrewing shackles. Ended up talking the store keeper in to ordering some small 4" marlinespikes. My last 3yrs I carried that spike and a buck 110. Granted, my last 3 was at a small boat station, but I still have that spike 25yrs later.

    Yes, they are cool knives and do work well. As a normal seamans knife they would probably last a very long time. On a work boat, not so long, however, my biggest complaint with that knife was the spike locked but the blade didnt. Backwards to me but I'm sure there was some kind of logic behind it.


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