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Thread: why is making 2000 sq ft of 3" mesh netting such a no-no on Alone? 7 inner strands,

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    I consider Texas very fortunate in that bears in any appreciable numbers are not present in the state. I fear that using it would only attract flocks of buzzards to my location instead and I doubt if it would disguise my scent from the sharp nose of #1 wife. Therefore, reluctantly, I must pass on this one.


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    If that's how you feel Alan, then I can only suggest you might use it the next time you want to go vulture hunting....them birds got a nose like a bear amyhow

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    Deer hunting is best served by covering your scent with vehicle exhaust.... as cars and trucks go by everyday...and don't shoot at them during daylight hour.

    Now..... my experience with northern Wisconsin bears is they smell like old sweaty socks and a garbage dump.. the dump being a favorite spot to set up your to all the locals that come out every night to park....drink beer and do whatever you do when parking.

    Kinda like the infamous "Submarine" races of old...
    The people next to you with the steamed up windows do get all upset, and grouchy, when you touch off a few rounds...and spoil their fun.

    That may be an argument for that "sling bow"...but we always to ...Kill the bear...instead of "arrowing it"....but that is just me and my friends.

    That said..... I would be willing to try that fish bomb with some one, that is considerably slower that I am.....(getting tougher to find.)
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