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Thread: Plant ID mid/southeast MI. Cherries?

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    Default Plant ID mid/southeast MI. Cherries?

    Hello, these are in my back yard about a foot into the brambles/wooded area. The area it's by is a bit field like, between two mown yards, but also has large tree several apple or crab apple trees and smaller trees, perhaps 6 feet or more across between the yards. As it heads toward a farm field behind the property in back it transfers into woods.
    We are northeast of Flint, MI so in growing Zone 5.
    I broke a small branch and smelled it and thought I smelled a faint cherry smell but was having a hard time getting anything over the bug spray on my hands(natural stuff from spraying my daughter). The leaves are slightly toothed and the tree is about 4.5 feet tall right now. I've flipped through my two field guides looking at leaves, I missed the blossoms so no clue what they looked like.
    I think they are cherries or chokecherries.
    If I missed anything important let me know. I'll try to give more info if I have it.
    There is a vid first and a few pictures too.
    20170723_114030_Film2.jpg 20170723_114048_Film2.jpg
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    I'm less sure of cherry or chokecherry. The leaves made me think it was but I cut open a fruit. It does have a pit inside that takes up most of the fruit. The flesh though is greenish/clear, though the juice seems a little reddish. I've only seen redder flesh cherries but these are wild so I'm unsure. It doesn't smell cherry-ish smells kinda bitter maybe. I may take some to UofM Flint bio dept with the possible currants if I can make it there.


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