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Thread: The Other Rabbit Stick

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    Default The Other Rabbit Stick

    The bump on the thread we did about rabbit sticks got me to contemplating and I thought about the big rendezvous they hole out west called the Rabbit Stick Rondy.

    It has been going on for 30 years and I remember reading about it when I was much younger and wishing I could go.

    Time and finances now allow such nonsense and I decided to check into the trip in closer detail.

    Problem is that it is in the middle of nowhere, up in Idaho. One of those places where you can not get there from here. I could drive for a week, arrive worn out and then set up camp and about the time I got rested up have to start for home. I might fly, making several connections between Louisville and Boisie but I have not checked to see if Boisie has a real airport or if I would need to fly in strapped under a snow goose. I would than have to rent a car and probably drive to Montana or Nevada before reaching the other side of Idaho. You have to leave the state to get from southern Idaho to northern Idaho. I figure that travel to the event would cost me better than $1,000.

    After working through all this I called up the website to register for next year's event. What do I find?

    First, the event fee is $400.

    Second, The event is scheduled for September, 2018, and registration is already closed! No more applications taken.

    I think I will change plans and schedule a week long cruise down in the Gulf. It will be cheaper, I will eat better, and I can visit the Mayan ruins.
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    I've wanted to go but the drive. I did attend a hoods woods event one year. To bad they are full up, I would be tempted.
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    I have always heard the Rabbit Stick was a invitation only event.
    Is the a thread nazi event?....I had heard that it was.

    Have only attended our local in town event the last couple of years.

    Used to drive 10 hours, set up in the dark, built the fire, ...consume some medicine.....get up with a headache, cook, go to the range, ...enter several events.
    Walk around, doing business buying and selling....and that was just the first say......Not so much these days.
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