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Thread: Novice in MI

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    Welcome from the Great Mojave Desert!

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    Hi again,
    Thanks to those of you who extended a warm welcome. I have lots of questions I want to post and hope that I can also maybe even bring some helpful information to the table for some. It's the season so I've got quite a few foraging identification questions and lots of garden infomation that I'm searching for.
    As for the ...mildly confusing(???) replies uhm...thanks? I wasn't aware I had a 2 day time limit on posting my second post or to reply. I do have a 3.5 year old so I likely won't be on daily but aim for once a week. Though if you must know I HAD intended to post a sescond thread right away but said 3.5 year old distracted me and I've not been back on the computer since, the site doesn't seem to do well on my phone browser.

    To DSJohnson- I do want to learn more about preparedness but I like to camp for fun and am interested in non-survival backcountry camping and backpacking, etc.

    Again thanks for the good info here and for the welcomes. I will be around reading and asking questions when I have them, etc. Hope I didn't miss anything relevant to me.

    P.S. I do have the attention span of a gnat, on top of my ever distracting three year old, can't remember ****, so Also I'm not a Beyonce fan nor do we have any fidget spinners.

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    Oh I did miss something. I am east of the Mt. Morris area(northeast of Flint)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenavievem View Post
    Oh I did miss something. I am east of the Mt. Morris area(northeast of Flint)
    Then you're already familiar with survival.
    Welcome, by the way. I think the rewilding of Flint is already taking place in many parts of the city. A few years ago I had to do deliveries in some of the neighborhoods. With whole blocks of abandoned, burnt out and missing houses it was getting pretty easy to see the old topography of the place. Hills, water courses and encroaching flora really gives a wild aspect to some areas.
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