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Thread: Bug bite Remedy

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    Don't know it's the same I can't read the hand printed label.....but I have several different containers of "Bug Dope"....and a couple of salves, I the I have picked up from the "Magic Potion Lady" at the Farmer's market and craft fairs...

    The labels were hand printed and when they are around awhile can't read them very well.

    Many have witch hazel, aloe, beeswax citronella, camphor, other essentials oils and may others.....some of the same ingredients that are in the commercial offerings.

    I would be willing to give it a try...but would not purchase those ingredients unless I knew it worked........LOL.

    I will write those ingredients down and check with my potion lady....
    Please ellobrate those magic potion lady to those which are not get it correctly please (Y) Cheers I am just a stupid spammer and the link to diet pills has been removed.
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    And this came from within the country. There's a solid vote for open borders.

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    And this came from within the country. There's a solid vote for open borders.
    It could be a native who learned grammar in a public school.
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    Something I've used that's been effective so far is peppermint oil to deter mosquitoes, flies, etc. Get it from Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, or any other local drug store and mix it with some olive oil to dilute it a bit (it's very strong and can cause irritation of the skin for some). Put it in a little spray bottle and spray all over. So far it's helped a lot for someone who used to be feasted on by mosquitoes. If you try it, be forewarned... you may end up smelling like Christmas the rest of the day.


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