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Thread: Living outside in Finland for 2-3 months?

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    For a real winter tent that can take high winds and snow loads... you will be hard pressed to find one less than 600 euros.

    Of course, if you sleeping bag isn't up to the task, it doesn't matter about your tent. Tents don't keep you warm, your bag does. If you cheaped out on your bag, you will die anyways.

    Tent brands in the US that you can look at are North Face, Eureka (yes they make a good 4 season tent, not cheap) Mountain Hardwear, MSR, Big Agnes and Kelty. I don't know what is sold in Europe, other than Hilleberg. The only way to find a decent one in the US is to find one on sale for a little less than 600 euros. Of course, you can always make your own, if you know how, you are able to source the correct material to use, and you have the proper sewing machine with the right weight of thread. Then it might cost you around 300 Euros.
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    We use Arctic Oven tents up here. Pretty expensive but necessary.

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    Holey Christmas! You are thawing your water bottle! I can't count the number of things that are wrong in those pictures. I'm going back to the wimpy boy thread.


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