This was a very long waited trip , was planning it a week ago but wasn't able because I was ill , so now I had time , my cousin had time and we went with his mothers small car , the thing was that 2 days earlier there was a thunderstorm and the 5 km offroad which we had to drive after the highway was destroyed and one place was absolutely demolished with the fallen skull , but thankfully if was fixed when we arrived , after driving 3km/h on that road at last we arrived , after a 1/5 hour sleep we woke up , man I was sleeping so good in my tent didn't wanted to get up , I had a hammock for cousin but he prefered to sleep in the car (noob ) after we woke up and drank coffee , took out the rods and to not bore you , rest you will see in the video
Sadly the two catches was so unexepted I the camera was far away and wasn't able to take the catching shots , sadly
Hope you like it