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Thread: OK. I knew this. But...

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    Default OK. I knew this. But...

    ...I just didn't think it applied here.

    I have been carefully introducing my wife to firearms and shooting for some years. A big goal is to get her to take a carry class so she's safe. Now I know some people just don't need to be carrying for many reasons. Kelly is a camper, fisherman, hiker, mountainbiker, and just is generally an outdoors girl. But the truth hit home yesterday. We stopped at a convenience store for something yesterday and I slipped my pistol from the center console into my pocket as I exited the car.

    She said, " You turned that thing off didn't you? You don't want anybody thinking you're going to rob them."

    So wrong on so many levels. I thought I was doing such a great job.

    I guess we'll stop with her carrying mace.

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    hahah I dont carry Fire arms, nor own them
    But I do carry knives, and sometimes quiet large ones..
    I got booted out the hospital a few weeks back and was ask nicely to remove the knife off my side ( I had kind of forgotten about it there)
    I kinda felt a bit like Crocodile Dundee in New york or something.
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    It takes time and a lot of repetition/training. I shoot weekly with my wife. She remarked the other day that when we first started, she was very apprehensive being around guns. Now, while she doesn't carry all that much, she said that she was very comfortable and it was only like second nature.
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    It s purely cultural conditioning.

    People learn what they want to learn. Both men and women accept the use of a machine called the computer with equal skill, and a computer can ruin your life too, and many women are nurses working with machines that can add to life or take it away. They never give that a thought. The very act of cooking dinner can be a life ending activity if you can not spot a bad can of tuna or creamed corn.

    My late wife grew up in a hunting family, qualified expert on the M16 when in the Army and had her CCW before I did. My first Christmas present to her was a hand built Kentucky rifle, powder horn and pouch. You would have thought I had given her the Hope Diamond.

    Even with all that the woman would not allow a French Chief's knife in the house due to watching too many B grade horror movies as a kid!

    I don't know if you ever noticed it but when you see a picture of a female Israli soldier with a weapon she normally looks like she was born with it in her hands. You look at a picture of an American/European woman with a weapon and it looks like someone stood her up and said "Hold this for a minute and pray it does not go off!".
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    Definitely culture and upbringing. She had no guns or experience with them growing up at all. No moral problem with them, just discomfort. It's been a few years of shooting. but I don't think the mind set is there or ever will be. I mean, "You turned that thing off?" It's like she goes blank. She has never heard anybody ask if someone's firearm is "off". I don't want to overwhelm her with "gun culture". Maybe when she retires in 3 years she will want to take a gun course or three. Obviously I am not the one to teach her.

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    My girl friend was not around guns a lot when we got together 10 months ago, but was interested in learning to shoot. She took to it well. She got her conceal carry permit in Feb 2017 I bought her a pistol. Told her when you first start carrying you'll feel paranoid a bit but after a while you feel naked without carrying, it becomes your second skin. She carry's everywhere everyday and goes to the range by herself, cleans her own gun. Proud of that woman!
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    With all this "teaching the wife to shoot" stuff ya'll do realize that with it comes a heightened sense of "Yes, ma'am", right? The last thing you want is a ticked off wife that can shoot 1 MOA off hand, if she happens to be ticked off at you. I've seen Mrs. Crash with a tomahawk. I will not even ask about a firearm.

    My wife was the same way, scared to death of them. She came to be an excellent shot and carried all the time. I started her off with .22 subsonic. Once she realized it wasn't going to go off like a cannon she was off to the races.

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    DW doesn't carry, hasn't taken the class... and has no desire to.
    Her choice....? ...So far.

    She did grow up with hunting Mother and Father....both hunted and spend range time shoot targets..with my BIL's
    She hunted with me for many years,....

    Her weapon is the Ruger .44 carbine pretty good with it.
    The Ruger 10/22 is scaled down shoot that for practice.
    Likes the Ruger Single Six for a handgun..

    We revisit the subject from time to time.......Mostly poo poo's it with a "I know where they are.....

    Max...I hear what you are saying.....
    The kids didn't blow out a candle at rondy.....They "turned it off..."
    or dropped stuff "on the floor"...not ground.
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