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    Default Plant ID?

    So was out walking and stumbled upon this and not sure what it is.. I've done the dot and taste methods no ill reactions it was sweet to taste but maybe someone get help with what it is? I live in central part of florida as for the plant in question the friut grows on a cone which I tried to show in the pictures and each one has a single large seed inside.Guests can not see images in the messages. Please register in the forum.

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    Looks like an early sprout of American Beauty Berry.

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    I thought so too but never seen an American beauty grow fruits on cones

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    I think we just don't notice the berries until they get to be a bigger clump. It'll get there.

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    I almost thought it was a black cap

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    Pretty close too. You'll know soon but my bet is Beauty Berry.

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    Looks some what like night shade

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    Almost but I think I figured it's a Lantana berry

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    Looks like a "Leaverite" to me.

    You may be correct on the Lantana berry......
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    It is not ABB. The leaf and berry structure is wrong. Here's an immature American Beauty Bush.

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    I think Lantana may be correct.
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    Yea same friut clustering and leave shape Guests can not see images in the messages. Please register in the forum.

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    Lantana and Beauty Berry are related. Cousins according to Green Dean.

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    Never eat anything you can't identify. Your taste and dot test might be necessary in an end-of-world scenario, but why, today, risk a trip to the ER.
    Lantana is, at best, not poisonous if fully ripe, but some experts say even ripe, enough of them could be lethal. Green and partially ripe berries are toxic.
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