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Thread: what (tree?) species? and how do I make it?

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    Default what (tree?) species? and how do I make it?

    sorry I couldn't find a post section that this really seemed to fit so I'm posting it here:

    I found this (branch?) on my driveway, and I noticed it had nice, strong, yet soft fibers that easily peeled away from the core (Ideal to make rope/string/fabric).

    but I don't know where it's from, from what I can tell these are the nearby species:
    some kind of pine.
    white birch
    horse chestnut.
    some un-identified trees (maple? leaves aren't out yet so I can't tell)
    could be some vines as well.

    here is the picture of the branch in question:

    and how do I re-create the damage done to this branch to remove the fibers and soften them up?

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    Possibly tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) which is in the magnolia family, not poplar.
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    If you break out with a severe rash in the next few hours it is a poison ivy vine someone stripped off their tree, ran over with the garden tractor several times and allowed to blow out of the trailer into your driveway on their way to the dump.
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    RangerX - not likely since I have never seen that tree anywhere around here (I live in Nova Scotia Canada, and I'm not sure that grows so far north)

    kyratshooter. nope, but thanks for the tip, next time I see poison ivy I'll try and make rope out of it =D (after researching a way to remove the irritant)

    here are some pictures of the tree's that could be the culprit

    tree 1:
    20170523_175935.jpg -trunk
    20170523_180026.jpg -Leaves

    tree 2:
    20170523_180116.jpg -trunk
    20170523_180134.jpg -leaves/bud/flower?

    (and I do have maple trees growing, I just didn't see the leaves due to the dark red colour they currently have)

    Thank you so much for the quick replies!

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    #1 looks like Sorbus, one of the cultured ones. There's lots of wild ones in my area of the province, Mountain Ash with orange berries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClayPick View Post
    #1 looks like Sorbus, one of the cultured ones. There's lots of wild ones in my area of the province, Mountain Ash with orange berries.
    I'd say that's a fair possibility.

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    Looks like hemp! Look behind your neighbors house, behind the bushes!
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    How to recreate the effect to the branch
    I would imagine strip the bark then lay into into water for a few hours?
    then you work it to make it really fibrous..
    A lot of species of wood you need to do that to make decent cordage out of.


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