So far, I am unable to determine whether or not they still let you have a 20x20 tarp. If not, then the "optional" 12x12 tarp is actually mandatory. I am also unable to determine if the hatchet-saw combo would pass muster. If not, I'd be stuck with a kukri and a Cyclone saw, and have to forfeit either the fishhooks or the modified Crunch multi-tool. I'd take either a gillnet or hammock made out of 9-strand paracord, whichever would get by the instructors. Preferably, it would be the 25x6 ft gill net, since that's 3x the cordage of the hammock (3000 ft). Taking the 40m hank of paracord is a laugh by comparison! :-)

I"d want a 12 lb, wool and oilcloth sleeping bag, cause it can be dried out with hot stones, along with the pot and lid, and the big roll of duct tape, along with the 5 lbs (each) of gorp and pemmican. I would have taken a 2 gallon metal bear canister instead of the 2 qt pot and lid, but they took that off of the list of options.

The key is to catch (and dry smoke) a lot of fish! Part of that strategy would be to cut pieces of tarp, lash them around bundles of grass or other dry debris (dry it with hot stones, if need be) seal up the 2 bundles with duct tape, and lash saplings across them as a pontoon raft, with outriggers for stability. Weaving netting (for sapling framed fish traps) out of the single strands of paracord fibers would be the big deal. If the lake bottom is not full of snags, a cast net would be the ideal thing.