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Thread: Motion activated light

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    Default Motion activated light

    I'm already planning my 2018 wild hog hunt in Florida. I heard somewhere about a motion activated light. I should say an motion activated beacon. What I'm looking for is a warning light planted on an active game trail that would turn on when something walked past the motion sensor. Not looking for an area light, just an warning light to let me know when hogs are on the move. Something I could see, say, 100 yards away and mounted 6 or 8 feet above the ground.

    I already have a battery powered motion area light I could reconfigure to a warning beacon. Jim

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    Former SIL used these on trails to his feeders.....I guess the are a lot more out there....A sensor the triggered an alarm in you blind (his does)....rather than a visible light.
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    I have one of these over my front and back door , I find these work really well .

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    Take a rat trap and a cyalume light. Mount them on a tree. Run a line down and across the path. When they trip the line, they trip the trap and it snaps the cyalume light. Little noise, no bright light to scare them and you'll see a cyalume from 100 yards.


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