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About four years ago #3 son had a baby chick come up to his house. No one he knew around there had chickens so he kept it. He named it Rocky. Rocky turned out to be Rockette but the name stuck. When he moved down here less than a year later, I got custody of Rocky and she has been living out behind the storehouse since then. She gives up an egg every two days or so sometimes every day. She's four years old and really does not know she's a chicken. She won't eat kitchen scraps or watermelon rinds, or watermelon. Occasionally she crows. She's a pretty good representative sample of a Buff Orpington.

Once a month I rake her domain and put it on the garden and till it in. One chicken produces more fertilizer than anything else. She's not the least bit scared of humans and all the grandkids learned not to stick their fingers through the fence. She really does like the kids. When she hears them in the back yard she comes running over to the fence cackling. They go get crackers and apple cores from Mimi to feed Rocky.

It's all these little, seemingly unimportant things that are going to be the best memories.

Ain't that the truth........LOL
Good post.